It's not a pipeline problem.


In the United States, more women than men are graduating college.  Each year, a greater percentage of women graduate with degrees in technical fields, including in the San Francisco Bay Area.  But technology companies in this area remain heavily skewed: most engineering teams have less than 20% women.  While there are many contributing factors, we've identified the university-to-industry transition as a critical part of the pipeline where improvement is possible. 


For six years, we have connected women university students to practicing industry mentors.

Our program is designed to provide mentorship and support during the critical transition from school to work.  We have four goals:

  •     Expand students understanding of the breadth of careers available to them in their fields of study (or adjacent areas)
  •     Create meaningful relationships with a practicing technical woman to share knowledge and experience
  •     Enable students to leverage the professional networks of their mentors
  •     Create a community of like-minded women

Our program runs during the academic year, from October to June, partnering with these institutions:

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The Program

Learn more about our mentorship program, now entering our sixth academic year.


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