Apply to be a mentor

If you are a women who either studied a technical field or now practices one, and are interested in volunteering your time to mentor two students, please apply for next academic year by August 15, 2019.  WISMP has two ways to be a mentor: first through our in-person program serving the SF Bay Area, and second as a remote mentor to mentor a student anywhere in the world.  If you would like to start an in-person program chapter at your own local university, please reach out to the contact information provided below.

The transition from University to work is an especially tumultuous time where a little extra support can go a long way to helping young women achieve their dreams.  The goals of the program are:

  • to broaden students’ understanding the breadth of jobs available in a field of study

  • to develop a meaningful relationship with a technical woman who has travelled the path before

  • to enable a student to tap into her mentor's more mature network, as a way to supercharge her own

The program works to maximizing outcomes for women students — but there are many benefits to mentors as well: intimate access to a diversity-rich pool of up-and-coming engineers, a community of like-minded alumni, and leadership experiences that translate directly to the work environment.

The time commitment as a mentor is:

  • 1 hour / month (October through May) for mentorship meetings. Some meetings can be virtual using Skype or Hangouts can be Skype, but we recommend traveling for an in-person meeting at the student's campus at least twice during the year

Matching will happen on a rolling basis between September and October. If you apply before August 1, we’ll send a confirmation email in September to make sure you’re still interested before matching you (email will come from We do our best to match students with mentors of similar fields of study, so we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to match you this year.  If you are still interested in contributing even if you are not matched, please also join our Allies mailing list.

Apply to be mentored!

If you are a women who is currently studying a STEM field at university, and are interested in potentially being matched with a mentor, please apply for this academic year by September 15, 2019.  We have campus programs at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and San Jose State University and will do at least one SF Bay Area event during the year. If you are studying at a different school, please also apply!

The time commitment is:

  • 1 hour / month (October through May) for mentorship meetings with your mentor

If you apply before August 1, we will ask for a confirmation via email (from sometime in September to make sure you still want to be matched. You will only be eligible for matching if you reply to this email. We do our best to match students with mentors of similar fields of study, so we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to match you this year.

Other ways to get involved


If you are an ally to our purpose, join our Allies mailing list and tell us how you can help.

Women STudents

If you are a woman university student studying a STEM field, and would like to make sure you get the latest information whether you get a mentor or not (such as other events), you can join our student mailing list — and we’ll be sure to reach out in time.

Student School organizer

If you are a student organizer and are interested in bringing WISMP to your university, send an email to


Sponsor an event

Our organization operates purely on volunteer hours, personal contributions, and company sponsorships.  If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please contact

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Whether you have a specific idea or just want to be an ally, drop us a note at