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The WISMP Summit brings program participants and allies together for a day of curated content, with a focus on tactical take-aways.  We specifically look to cover content is isn't covered in school or discussed in other places – but is incredibly impactful to our mixed audience of technical students and professionals.  In past events, participants have practiced salary negotiations and learned to navigate office politics.  You should expect to leave with a list of actions that you could implement right away.

2018 Speakers


Caitlin Kalinowski

Caitlin is the Director of Product Design at Oculus and formerly led Mac, MacBook, and Air programs at Apple. She will speak about her experiences being a technical leader and how she overcame obstacles in her career.


Anurupa Rao

Anurupa is a Product Design Manager at Lab126, where she led Echo Show and Kindle Touch. She will be speaking about how the path to a fulfilling career may not be straight and obvious.


Jennifer Leech

Jennifer is VP of Engineering and founder at Truss. She has studied how to build great teams and will give a lightning talk on collaboration tactics for teams of any size.


Edith Harbaugh

Edith is CEO and founder of LaunchDarkly, which provides feature management for software applications. She will speak about perseverance.


Anjana Prabhakar

Anjana is the Engineering Director at Captricity. She's worked at several Fortune 500 companies as well as several startups and will be comparing her experiences among them.


Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

Anna is founder of WISMP, and CEO and founder of Instrumental. She formerly led product design for Apple Watch Series 1. She will speak about her awakening to office politics and the power of negotiation.



Technology Talks


Gravitational Waves

Danielle Wuchenich, currently VP and cofounder of Liquid Instruments, has a Ph.D. in Physics from The Australian National University. She is an expert in gravitational waves and formerly worked at JPL and Lockheed Martin.


From the Napkin to Millions: How Your Favorite Products Are Made

Chrissy Meyer, currently a venture partner at Root Ventures, and former Head of Product at Pearl Auto and Engineering Program Manager at Apple, will explain the process of bringing consumer electronic devices to market.


Cheap Biomedical Imaging

Jean Rintoul is a biomedical engineering consultant, as well as a former entrepreneur, software engineer, and mechanical engineer. She will explain how electrical impedance technology can be used to make biomedical imaging available to all.


2018 Breakout SESSION Topics

Resume Workshop staffed by hiring managers and professional recruiters – bring your resume for personal attention!

How to Identify Good Company Culture While Interviewing – moderated by Ben Cole and Marine Dunoguier

Choosing Industry or Academia (or Both!) – moderated by Jaclyn Chen and Danielle Wuchenich

Salary Negotiations – moderated by Anjana Prabhakar and Kit Tse

Speaking with Confidence – moderated by Shabnam Ghadar

Dealing with Difficult Personalities in Team Environments – moderated by Lei Zhang


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Saturday, April 6th, 2019, 1-5PM

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